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Two organizations: Davidson Hydrant Technologies and DefendYourH2O.com, have joined forces to increase hydrant security, increase water security and make fire hydrants less vulnerable to accidental backflow and terrorism.

Davidson Hydrant Technologies

Davidson Hydrant Technologies was founded by Tom Davidson, a water utility contractor from Sunnyside, Ga., who invented and patented the Davidson ATV. Davidson invented the device in the early 1970s to prevent routine vandalism of hydrants, but after the events of 9/11, he realized the huge threat that fire hydrants presented to millions – and that the real value of the ATV was increasing water security and protection against accidental backflow and intentional tampering with the water supply.


DefendYourH2O.com is headed by Michael Green and is charged with distribution of the Davidson ATV and marketing the device in five southeastern states. Our goal is to increase hydrant security and water security which in turn protects the public water supply.

Contact Information:

Southeastern United States:

Michael Green - President
214 Florida Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169
Office Phone: (386) 423-9077
Fax: (386) 423-9078
Cell Phone: (321) 299-7714
E-mail: MGreen@DefendYourH2O.com

Wayne Shewchuk - Executive Vice President
214 Florida Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169
E-mail: WShewchuk@DefendYourH2O.com

Southwestern United States:

Michael Kozeliski - President
Kozeliski Ventures LLC
San Diego, CA
Phone: (202) 957-8012
Fax: ()
E-mail: MichaelKozeliski@aol.com



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