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Our primary purpose is to assist communities in their quest to enhance drinking water security and hydrant operability and to market the Davidson “No Dig” ATV – the World’s first internal stealth device designed for the mitigation of accidental or intentional insertion of a foreign substance into the drinking water system via the fire hydrant. In addition to the enhanced security provided by the ATV, Army Corps of Engineers completed years of study and have concluded that the retrofit of the ATV enhances hydrant operability and extends the life expectancy of new and existing hydrants alike. The fire hydrant is a critical part to fire fighting, but also represents the nation’s largest water infrastructure threat for accidental backflow or intentional contamination of our drinking water system. The ATV is available in new hydrants, regardless of make, and is the only retrofit option for in-service hydrants that requires no excavation … earning the “No Dig” nickname. The ATV can be retrofitted in almost all existing hydrants regardless of make or model without taking the hydrant out of service. Our goals are the same for ALL communities: increased hydrant security, and greater hydrant operability, leading to greater security of your drinking, while increasing firefighter safety, and making fire hydrants less vulnerable to accidental backflow and terrorism.


Even though communities have spent millions since 2001 to enhance the protection of the source of water supplies, storage facilities and water treatment plants … surrounding them with razor wire, installing surveillance systems andDavidson ATV Anit-Terrorism Valve is an internal stealth device to increase water security, hydrant security and protect the hydrant from intentional or accidental backflow. beefing up security staff … the millions of unprotected fire hydrants are recognized by AWWA, EPA, FBI, DHS, FEMA and several state agencies as the most accessible and vulnerable direct link to nearly every home and office in the country. Without the Davidson ATV installed, someone wishing to contaminate our drinking water needs no special tools and only a few minutes to commit the unthinkable. And without the Davidson ATV, accidental contamination events will continue to threaten the quality of our drinking water. With the Davidson ATV installed, both accidental backflow and intentional scenarios are thwarted.

Do not let your fire hydrants remain unprotected. See how the Davidson patented ATV “No Dig” hydrant check valve can enhance the security of your drinking water system. Register to the secure section of our website for more details.

“In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference” - Rachel Carson - Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

Davidson ATV Protects Communities AND Firefighters

The Davidson Valve has been gaining popularity around the country as an important physical deterrent against someone introducing deadly toxins – either accidentally or intentionally – in our drinking water via the fire hydrant. What often goes unlooked is the fact thatFirefighter safety and protection is enhanced by the Davidson Valve by including the Davidson ATV in new and existing fire hydrants, firefighters – stalwart defenders of safety in our communities - are also provided an additional level of protection.

All communities are encouraged to protect their water systems – and to provide added security and safety for our firefighters. The Davidson ATV is the only device available that can do both --- while not slowing down response time at a working fire, not diminishing water pressure and not diminishing water flow.  

Read more detailed information in the secure section of our web site on how the Davidson Valve is helping to protect firefighters. Firefighter Protection

Backflow Happens

Firefighters extinguishing a fire cause a backflow event when a mixture of foam and water backs up into a water system through a fire hydrant. A landscaper taps into a county water hydrant and allows a fertilizer mixture to backflow into the municipal water system. In another firefighting incident, a crew flushing the tank and pump of a fire engine contaminate a water utility system with aqueous film forming foam.

What do all these incidents have in common? They’re all examples of backflow incidents.

Fighting fires is a difficult, dangerous occupation, yet sometimes-unintended consequences can occur even while performing public safety functions. In California, firefighters for a county fire authority were using a small quantity of firefighting foam on a blaze in a recycling center when a mixture of water and foam backed up into a fire hydrant. By the time area residents had all received warning notices the next day, some had already drunk possibly contaminated water, which in some instances appeared soapy and in others, clear. Read the full Reeves Journal article here: Backflow Happens

AWWA Water System Security: Distribution System Protection Video

AWWA American Water Works Association

The distribution system represents miles and miles of possible targets that can never be defended 24-hours a day, making its protection a difficult responsibility. What should your water utility be doing to protect its pipeline, buildings, employees, and community? 

Water System Security: Distribution System Protection DVD asks the hard questions and provides important information vital to protecting the public heath. This powerful video covers many aspects of basic water distribution system security:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Emergency responder communications plan
  • Public awareness campaign
  • Defensive boundary fencing and signage
  • Tamper-resistant locks, chains, doors, and hatches
  • Security lighting
  • Protection of pump stations, wellheads, storage tanks, fire hydrants, and power supplies
  • Cameras, alarms, motion detectors, water quality monitors
  • Water quality sampling and testing protocols
  • Security patrols and guards
  • Leak audits and leak-detection programs
  • Auxiliary power and communication systems protection
  • Backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs

DVD Catalog No. 64269 http://www.awwa.org/bookstore/productDetail.cfm?ItemNumber=4689

Georgia General Assembly House Resolution Proclaims "Drinking Water Security Day"

House Resolution 883 recognizes the importance of all water authorities increasing security efforts for all elements of our drinking water infrastructure. Our drinking water is our most precious infrastructure and its protection deserves our highest priority. Please click on the link below to be taken directly to the Georgia General Assembly web site: http://www.legis.ga.gov/legis/2007_08/sum/hr883.htm

Medical Preparedness for Acts of Water Terrorism

A new medical website has been launched to assist healthcare providers and public health personnel recognize and manage waterborne disease and the health effects of water pollution resulting from either natural OR intentional contamination of water. Contamination of water reserves by either chemical agents or infectious pathogens may affect the health of millions of residents in the United States. Water consumers are frequently unaware of the potential health risks associated with exposure to waterborne contaminants and often consult practicing physicians who are unfamiliar with water pollution issues and their subsequent impact on human health. Misdiagnosis and underdiagnosis of waterborne disease by the medical community may result in significant morbidity and mortality, particularly in vulnerable populations at increased risk of disease as a result of exposure to waterborne pathogens and chemical contaminants. Visit the secure section of our site to learn more. Physician Prepardness


Although we feel it is crucial that the general public be made aware of this vulnerability that threatens the water supply that goes into every home, we require registration in order to explore the contents of this web site which provides details about the device and explores the ease with which our water supply can be accidentally or intentionally contaminated ... as well as the ease with which such vulnerabilities can be mitigated.

Visit the Contact Us page to reach a DefendYourH2O.com representative for further information, or if you would like details on having the device protect your community.

Thank you for your interest in protecting the public water supply.



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