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Proven to be EffectiveAnti-Terrorism Valve is protecting communities

The ATV has been thoroughly tested at the locations listed below. Several communities have already committed to a program to retrofit their existing hydrants as well as to require all new hydrants to come with the ATV installed. The Davidson ATV increases water security and hydrant security by acting as a physical barrier aginst accidental or intentional backflow thru a fire hydrant.

LSU’s Fire & Emergency Training Institute reported a flawless performance with the ATV, and the device also received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Clayton County, Ga. Fire Department. All other testing locations reported favorable results and agreed the device was valuable to local and national security.

For more details on these studies, please contact Michael Green or Wayne Shewchuk of DefendYourH2O.com at:



Locations Where Device Has Been Installed:

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Supported by State Water Authorities

  • Texas Rural Water Authority Statement

  • Georgia Rural Water Association Statement

Supported by Public Service ProfessionalsFirefighters experience a quicker response time

The ATV offers an advantage from a firefighting perspective by speeding up response time without hampering access. Firefighters utilizing a hydrant equipped with the valve do not spend time removing external locks and, since the device prevents insertion of rocks, bottles, etc. into the hydrant, the hydrant no longer has to be flushed before the pumper nozzle is connected, saving valuable minutes at a working fire. The result: improved public safety from fire hazards.

Supported by Current & Former Government Officials

    Catherine Baker Knoll
    Lieutenant Governor, State of Pennsylvania
    (717) 787-3300
    Click here to view Lt. Knoll's letter to the director of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

    Michael Harris
    Superintendent, Millbrook Water System, Millbrook, AL Millbrook web site
    (334) 285-6428 -Office (334) 799-1649 -Cell
    Click here to read the news article about Millbrook Protecting their water with the Davidson ATV

    Cliff Appe
    Fire Chief, Martin County
    (772) 288-5710

    Mike DiTerlizzi
    Commissioner, Martin County
    (772) 221-1357

    Glenn Cannon
    Former Director of FEMA's Response Division, former Public Safety Director and former Executive Director of the Water Authority for the City of Pittsburgh
    1 (800) 621-FEMA (3362), (434) 258-1132

    Rebecca Denlinger
    Chief, Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services
    (770) 528-8000

    John Pat Fanning
    Democratic State Senator in West Virginia
    Chairman, Natural Resources Committee
    (304) 357-7867

    Pat Credeur
    Executive Director, Louisiana Rural Water Association LRWA web site
    (337) 738-2896

    Alan Barnes
    Former Chief of Staff, Region IV EPA
    Currently Environmental Counsel at King & Spalding in Atlanta
    (404) 572-4600

    Tommy Duck
    Executive Director, Texas Rural Water Association TRWA web site
    (512) 472-8591

    Marie Shadden
    Former Director of Security and Safety, Watershed Management Department
    City of Atlanta DWM web site
    (404) 330-6073

    Jimmy Mathews
    Executive Director, Georgia Rural Water Association GRWA web site
    (770) 575-8599

    Bill Elmore
    Senior Vice President, Knoxville Utilities Board
    (865) 524-2911

    Charles Stringer
    Assistant Director of Water Security
    City of Dallas, Texas
    (214) 670-1201

    Kathy Horn
    Executive Director, Alabama Rural Water Authority ARWA web site
    (334) 396-5511

    David Hicks
    Abbeville, Alabama

    Alex Cohilas
    Fire Chief
    Clayton County, Georgia
    (770) 473-7833


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